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house hunters Hoboken

I am really excited to announce here on my new website that I will be appearing in an episode of HGTV's show House Hunters this evening at 10pm EST. In this episode, I help my clients coming from Australia find their new home in Hoboken.

Filming the episode was so much fun. The House Hunter's crew and my clients, Alan & Nell, were great to work with. We shared a lot of laughs together hunting for a new home and documenting the process.

In this episode you will see us explore properties in Hoboken and Jersey City. Both cities are great places to live and work in. So much to see and do from restaurants and boutiques, to fabulous parks and outdoor activities, and all within close proximity to NYC If you would like to know more about some of the properties visited on the show or properties currently on the market, please contact me. I am here to help. I hope you tune in to the episode!

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